Design and Art Direction

Smith Optics

To elevate Smith's pinnacle helmet and lens technology, they needed a new way to showcase it. Working as Art Director within a tight multidisciplinary group at Cinco, we created two unique, but paired stories bringing their product to life in a new and captivating way.

Video Development: Travis Hanour, Matthew Gamlen
Concept: Aaron Carlsson, Brian Jones, Kelso Davis
Phototography: Pav Summers

Not all Helmets are Created Equal

Not all Helmets are Created Equal

Koroyd, a revolutionary helmet technology, uses welded tubes that crush uniformly on impact, creating a much higher strength-to-weight ratio then traditional helmet materials. 

Using a wrecking ball as the ultimate "test" against damage, we're showcasing the technology's ultimate strength against any force.

Amplify Awesome

Amplify Awesome

The amplified detail and enhanced saturation of ChromaPop is a challenge to demonstrate without just trying them on. Rather then faking the "look-through" of the lenses, we used  hyper-saturated exploding pigment as a metaphor for the experience of ChromaPop itself.